Founded in 2012, Monarc Tree delivers something previously unavailable in the rental marketplace: home automation. The company, a subsidiary of national electrical contractor Van Kirk Electric, makes use of the internet of things to seamlessly build in automation into any large-scale commercial project, allowing users to control their living spaces, and builders to control and monitor their investments. Monarc Tree is based in Winder, Georgia.

Technology is changing the most fundamental truth about large-scale commercial real estate (CRE)—that value is based solely on location, location, location. While it still matters, of course, that a space be close to customers,information-based applications have the potential to add new ways for the CRE sector to create value for customers, differentiate from competitors, and even find new sources of revenue.

Specifically, the Internet of Things (IoT) is already having a significant impact on the CRE industry, helping companies move beyond a focus on cost reduction. IoT applications aim to grow margins and enable features such as dramatically more efficient building operations, enhanced tenant relationships, and new revenue generation opportunities. Consider the increasingly popular smart thermostats that intuitively adjust the temperature, humidity, and light based on residents’ preferences and climatic conditions.

The trend is clear, and people's demand for technology to play a role in both basic human need and that which provides pleasure and joy is not moving backwards.

Make no mistake though, we may think we need to ask people whether they want "smart home" technology as an option, but we really might need to understand that they expect it as a given.

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Current Locations

Monarc Tree is currently in a handful of select properties in Los Angeles and Houston.

Playa Vista Luxury Apartments

Come home to the premier Playa Vista luxury apartments and townhomes near Marina Del Rey where we offer upscale modern living in a relaxed urban setting.

Los Angeles, California

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The Millennium High Street

Designed as a high-style oasis where comfort and convenience go hand in hand with sustainable living, the upscale apartments provide a serene retreat amid the bustling city just outside its doors.

Houston, Texas

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AMLI Uptown

Houston, Texas

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The Millennium Six Pines

The Millennium Six Pines combine contemporary sophistication with an elegant living experience unparalleled in The Woodlands, Texas.

Woodlands, Texas

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